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The day I stop learning is the day I fail as a coach

Marcus & Debbie Love
Marcus & Debbie Love

Hello, my name is Debbie Love and I travel the world educating athletes and coaches in all areas of cheerleading. I am happily married to Marcus Love and have been for 32 years. We have 6 children together all of which have or still participate in either cheerleading, gymnastics and dance. I have been involved in cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics for over 40 years. I started out in the gymnastics world where I was a level 10 coach and judge and was the USAG chief safety certifier for the state of Kentucky. I currently serve on the National Advisory Board for the USASF and am the Strength and Conditioning Chair for the USASF. I travel extensively in the USA and have begun traveling internationally training cheer gyms in the following areas:

Love Kids
My Kids (left to right) – Christi, Marci, Britni, Jon, Tiffany, and Whitney
  • Injury Prevention Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Sports Psychology
  • Creative Tumbling Choreography
  • Tumbling (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Front)
  • Shoulder Stabilization and Flexibility
  • Jump Conditioning and Workout
  • Power Posture for Tumbling
  • Stunting and Baskets
  • Flyer Conditioning
  • Drills for Skills in Tumbling
  • Structure for Optimal Practices
  • How to Deal with Mind Blocks
  • Positive Coaching

I was just nominated for Who’s Who in American Cheerleading. I speak at many conferences including Worlds the past 4 years.

I love every moment of my life.