Bay Island Gymnastics

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Bay Island Gymnastics

🗺️ Address: 3775 Alameda Ave, Oakland, CA 94601, United States
📞 Phone: 510-533-3939
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🕙 Schedule

● Monday, 3 to 7 PM
● Tuesday, 3 to 7 PM
● Wednesday, 3 to 7 PM
● Thursday, 3 to 7 PM
● Thursday, 3 to 7 PM
● Saturday, 8:30 AM to 2 PM
● Sunday, Closed

⭐ Reviews: This company has over 35 ratings according to Google My Business.

About Bay Island Gymnastics

Bay Island Gymnastics is located in Oakland, California, with a rating of 4.0 based on 35 reviews on Google Business. Customers have praised the gym for its exciting activities that keep kids engaged and entertained, including a bounce house and a sky-swing. Coach Jonathan received a special mention for his energy, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with the kids, making the party truly exceptional. However, some users have expressed disappointment with the owner’s behavior, describing them as condescending and rude. Despite this, the gym has received positive feedback for its dedicated teachers and overall atmosphere, making it a recommended choice for an active and joy-filled party experience.

Amy Law
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
We recently hosted our child´s birthday party at B.I.G., and it was an absolute blast!
The coaches helped with set up, clean up, and taking the kids through different stations. We loved the bounce house addition and the sky-swing was so much fun. Our party was filled exciting activities that kept the kids engaged and entertained.

A special shout-out to Coach Jonathan, whose energy and enthusiasm made the party truly exceptional. His expertise and ability to connect with the kids created an unforgettable experience. The birthday kiddo felt like a superstar under his guidance, and all our little guests had a fantastic time flipping and tumbling.

We appreciate the staff´s attention to detail, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable celebration for everyone. Thank you for making our child´s birthday so special – we highly recommend this gymnastics studio for an active and joy-filled party!

Christine Arnold
1 ⭐
A few of the teachers are really great and seem to care, and I’ll be sad to not see them anymore, but the owner makes this place unbearable. She’s the most condescending and rude business owner I’ve ever experienced, and while I was really hoping my daughter could have a future in gymnastics, I could just not stomach it being here.

For our last class the teacher was, once again, unapologetically 10 minutes late to class (it’s only a 40 minute class). Then the next 20 minutes stretching. With maybe 10 minutes of instruction.

Teachers don’t show up and no notice given to the parents. The final straw was our teacher completely being changed without any notice from a teacher we waited on the wait list for a long time for, and who we know and love, and replaced with someone who was brand new and played duck duck goose with them the entire class with no instruction. My daughter has been here for over 2 years and is too old for that. She was so excited to move up classes and start learning cartwheels etc, and it’s been an absolute joke. I get that new teachers will take time to acclimate but we deserve to be told about a change this huge, and be given an option to stay or get our money back.

When brought to the attention to the owner by no less than 5 upset and disappointed parents, she was so rude about it, saying it is their right to do that, and that she didn’t owe us anything.

My husband took my daughter to her second to last class and came home to tell me about a coach who was so condescending and rude to gymnasts and of course when he described who it was it was in fact the owner.

It’s so incredibly disappointing that this is the closest serious gymnastics place, but we absolutely cannot support this place a second longer, and there is absolutely no chance we would run the risk of the owner one day coaching our daughter with the way she treats both adults and children. It’s a sad state of affairs.

There are some lovely people who work there too, so it’s sad that the owner makes it such a terrible place. Save yourself the headache and heartache.

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