New Generation Gymnastics Academy

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New Generation Gymnastics Academy

🗺️ Address: 4 Frank Ave, West Kingston, RI 02892, United States
📞 Phone: 401-782-9596
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⭐ Reviews: This company has over 8 ratings according to Google My Business.

About New Generation Gymnastics Academy

New Generation Gymnastics Academy is located in West Kingston, South Kingstown, RI. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews on Google Business, it is clear that many customers have had positive experiences. One user mentioned that their 4-year-old daughter loves her class at the academy and highlighted the fun and practical activities offered. The user also praised the great communication with the owner when choosing a class, recommending the academy highly. Despite one negative review, the overall impression of the New Generation Gymnastics Academy seems to be positive, with a focus on enjoyable and engaging gymnastics classes for children.

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My daughter loves her class here (4 years old). We have been coming here for several months. I have had great communication with the owner when we were first choosing a class. Fun, practical activities. Highly recommend 🙂

David McCann
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Feel free to take my review with a grain of salt. I am a 43 year old man who has never set foot in this gym.

My daughter, who is 9 years old, wanted to do a gymnastics class with a friend who is younger but has more experience with gymnastics. My daughter´s sole purpose in going to this gym was to be in the class with her friend. So my wife, and the friends mother, visited the gym to see if the girls could be in a class together.

The staff told them that there was no assessment that could be done to see if they could be in the same class/ skill level, that the only way was to put them in a class session of 8 classes and “see how it goes”. So my wife paid hundreds of dollars for the session, and an annual fee which I believe is for insurance. During the first class, they were told the kids skill levels were too disparate to be in class together, the friend would be in a higher level class and my daughter would be in a class with much younger children (as young as 5 years old). My daughter was very upset and cried all that night and whenever we discussed with her going back to the gym. She is not a kid that upsets easily. She did go back for a second class with the younger children, but cried afterward as she just wanted to be in class with her friend.

After this second class (several weeks ago), I called around 5 pm to try to speak with the owner to see if there was anything that could be done to make it work. The person that spoke with me said the owner “is very busy and she won´t be able to speak with you until after 9 pm”. I said that would be fine, I left my name and number, and was never called. I have called and left a message 3 times since, and each time the staff took my name and number, and I have never been called. They have never reached out to my family or wife to see why my daughter, who was paid for the whole session, never returned.

So, my experience with this business is that they took hundreds of dollars from a little girl, then did a bait & switch when they knew that her one purpose was to do gymnastics with her friend. It is entirely possible that this gym is the greatest gym ever at training elite athletes and will get your kid a gymnastics college scholarship or to the olympic team. However if your children are like mine and just want a fun recreational gymnastics experience, I would encourage you to look elsewhere.

I have in the past taken my children to Aim High and have nothing but good things to say about that gym.

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